DAY 6: Full Body Conditioning Day

DAY 6: Full Body Conditioning Day


Warm up Circuit:

20 jumping jacks

15 air squats

10 push ups

30 bicyles

repeat circuit 2x


Circuit #1:

10 Tuck Jumps

10 diamond push ups (can use bench if needed)

10/leg alternating DB stationary lunges

30 plank alternating shoulder taps – try to keep hips straight; holding plank on hands, tap opposite shoulder with opposite hand and alternate.

Repeat 3x


Circuit #2:

20 Bird Dogs (10/side)

12 Dive Bombers

12 Wall Balls

10 Med Ball Slams

repeat 3x


Superset #3:

20 total Bosu side skip squats  (use aerobic step if bosu ball is too tough on the ankles)

12/side V-ups with opposite arm to opposite leg – alternate sides – 6/side

repeat 3x



10 “man-makers” – in plank position on hands, perform one push up; the one renegade row each side with DB; jump feet up to hands; stand up in deadlift form with dumbbells; curl and press overhead. That’s one rep.

rest. Repeat 2x through


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