DAY 5: Upper Body Circuit Training

DAY 5: Upper Body Circuit Training


Circuit #1:

12 seated DB Curl to Press

15 seated overhead tricep extensions

Single arm DB swings – 15 reps per arm

12 DB Bent over row to tricep kick back

Repeat 3x


Underhand Grip Smith Machine Rows – choose a weight for 10 reps, and then increase weight for each of the sets indicated – 30-45 second rest between sets. This should go fast

4 sets of 8,6,4,6


Circuit #2:

Kneeling single arm cable high rows – 12 reps per arm

Single arm tricep horizontal pull downs – 12 per arm

Side plank rear delt raises – 10 reps per side

15 squatting cable Cohen Curl (brace elbows on inside of knees and curl to chest)

repeat 3x


Seated Lateral Raise Complex:

5 single arm lateral raises – right

5 single arm lateral raises – left

5 lateral raises – both


10 push ups

repeat 3x


Circuit #3:

10 DB push up to renegade row to jump

15 lying upright rows

30 bicycle crunches

repeat 3x

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