DAY 5: Shoulders and Arms

DAY 5: Shoulders and Arms


Warm up:

            10 ARC trainer (moving arms and legs)


Circuit #1: 2x

            15 resistance band pull aparts (for rear delt activation)

            15 resistance band shoulder presses

            15 resistance band bicep curls


Superset #2: x3

            12 DB alternating Front/Lateral Raise

            15 DB Around the Worlds (pinkies to thumbs)


Superset #3: x3

            12/arm cable angled tricep pull downs (three variations here – play with them         to feel the contraction – I like the last one!)

            20 standing rear felt cable face pulls


Superset #4:

            15 cable squatting bicep curls

            15 cable underhand front raise

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