DAY 5: Lower Body 2

DAY 5: Lower Body 2
Warm up: 10 min incline walk
Superset #1: 3 sets
12/leg Single Leg Box Squat
10/leg Kneel to Stand (start in kneeling position. One leg in front. Use only the front leg to return to a standing position, NO help with the back foot. Then using that same leg, slowly lower back down. Try to keep back foot from touching the ground.)
Circuit #2: 3-4 sets
12/leg Single Leg Seated Hamstring Curl x 15e
15 banded Romanian Deadlift (band around thighs- go light weight for complete stretch in hamstrings)
12 Goblet Squat with pulse (squat low, half way up, squat low, all the way up = 1 rep)
Superset #3: 4 sets
15/leg piriformis squats (hold on to a pole or machine for balance)
20 squatting abduction machine (hover over the seat)
Burnout: 3 rounds
25 banded hip thrusts (around thighs) with 3 second pause at the top – squeeze cheeks!!
12/leg Single Leg Hip Thrust x 15e (shoulders on bench and foot on BOSU/aerobic step)

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