DAY 4: Upper Body 2

DAY 4: Upper Body 2
Warm up: 2-3 rounds
10 inverted shoulder presses
20 alternating shoulder taps with feet on bench
Circuit #1: 3-4 sets; all chest supported:
12 Incline Bench DB Row
10 Incline Bench DB Front Raise
15 Incline Bench DB Rear Delt Flyes
Superset#2: 3-4 sets
10/arm Single Arm DB Shoulder Press
10/arm Alternating DB Lateral and Front Raise
Circuit #3: 3-4 sets
15 DB pull overs on ball
15 Arnold Press on ball (sit on swiss ball and tuck pelvis under)
15 stability ball knee tucks (elbows on bench, feet on ball)
Burnout: 3 sets
12/arm plank up downs
30 plank jacks

December 2017, Workouts 2017