DAY 4: Lower Body 

DAY 4: Lower Body 


Warm up: 10 minutes incline walking (as high as you can and as fast as you can without holding on)


Superset #1: 3-4x

            12/10/8/(8) BB Sumo Deadlifts (progressive overload technique; try to increase                                                 weight as reps decrease)

            15/leg banded fire hydrants


Superset #2: 3-4x

            10/leg deficit curtsy lunge from aerobic step

            15 glute focused back extensions


Circuit #3: 3x

            15 BB and banded glute bridges

            15 banded glute bridges

            15 glute bridges


Superset #4: 3x

            10/leg TRX pistol squats

            30 frog pumps

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