DAY 2: Heavy Legs

DAY 2: Heavy Legs


Warm Up:

20/leg standing banded abductions

15 banded pulse squats

15 banded pop squats


Superset #1: x4

15/10/8/8 BB and banded hip thrusts (press knees out against band as you squeeze at the top)

15 banded only hip thrust with 2 sec pause at the top


Circuit #2: x3

10/leg smith machine reverse lunge to curtsy lunge (same leg)

12 plate goblet squats

15 KB swings


Superset #3: x3

12 DB RDL’s with toes on plates

10/leg split jumps with medicine ball twist over front leg


20/leg bent leg cable kick ups x 3

March 2018, Workouts 2018