DAY 1: Upper Body

DAY 1: Upper Body
Superset #1: 3-4 sets
12/arm Single Arm Neutral Grip Pulldown (with 2 second pause at the bottom and extra contraction between shoulder blades. other hand should be on hips, constant squeeze from shoulder blade on other side)
10 Bent Over BB Row to up down (with 3 second pause at back – drop BB and up down, dead lift up, row and squeeze)
Superset #2: 3-4 sets, up to :30 rest between exercises if needed
8 Wide Lat Pulldown Negatives (5-6 second release)
20 alternating bench (or bosu) plank toe taps
Circuit #3: 3-5 sets
10 walkout to push up
20 Cable Chest Flyes
15/side high to low cable woodchops
Superset #4: 3-4 sets
10/arm cable plank rows
15 lying cable face curl (can do from floor too)
Superset #5: 3-4 sets
10 TRX kneeling tricep extensions on Bosu (you don’t have to come all the way up like she does, just focus on moving the triceps only – core tight)
15 TRX jump squats (really explode up)

December 2017, Workouts 2017