DAY 1: Chest and Triceps

DAY 1: Chest and Triceps

Circuit #1:

10 BB Bench Press

10 incline push ups (hands on bench – touch chest to bench)

20 bench dips

Repeat 3x


Circuit #2:

15 DB Tate Press

15 Seated Cable Chest Flyes

12 overhead cable tricep extensions

repeat 3x


Circuit #3:

15 BB Skull Crushers

10 Alternating Ladder Push ups

10 Tricep push ups on bench

repeat 3x



15 TRX Tricep Extensions on Bosu Ball

20 Alternating TRX Spidermans (bring elbow to knee and crunch the obliques)

30 TRX mountain climbers

repeat 3x through with minimal rest

June 2017, Workouts 2017