DAY 1: Arm and Core

DAY 1: Arm and Core


Complete 100 reps of each of the following exercises before moving on:


Single arm tricep pull downs


Overhead tricep push downs


Lying bicep face curls with straight bar


Tricep rope push downs


Single arm seated isolation curls

*So you will perform 100 single arm tricep pull downs in as few sets as possible. Take breaks as needed. Once you’ve completed 100 reps of the pull downs, move on to overhead tricep push downs and so on.


Core Circuit #1:

25 Stability Ball Crunches

10 Stability Ball Roll ins

10 Stability Ball “stir the pot”

Repeat Circuit 3-4x


Core Circuit #2:

15 DB Crunch ups

20 alternating DB twists

20 leg up DB crunches

Repeat Circuit 3-4x

July 2017, Workouts 2017