DAY 6: Shoulders, Legs, and Conditioning

DAY 6: Shoulders, Legs, and Conditioning

Warm Up: 5-10 min incline walking


Circuit #1:

            15 banded air squats

            20 banded glute bridges

            15/leg banded glute bridges

            15 banded jump squats


Circuit #2: up to :30 rest between exercises

            15 DB Clean and Press

            25 plank jacks

            Inverted Shoulder Push Ups x to failure


Exercise #3: 3-4 sets

            15 Standing DB Lateral Raises

            15 Standing DB Cheer Press


Superset #4: 3-4 sets

            12 BB Squat to Overhead Press

            8-10 Plate Front Raise Steering Wheels


AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible) 10 mins

            15 KB Deadlift to High Pull

            10e Side Plank Hip Drop from bench

            10 Up down to tuck jump

            10 Push Ups

            30e Bicycle Crunches


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