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Let’s face it, diets don’t work. If you go “on” a diet, you eventually have to go “off” a diet. And then what?

The truth is so many people develop yo-yo dieting tendencies and never truly reach their goals. Why? Because human beings all what that instant gratification, and when we don’t see immediate results in a short amount of time, we fall back into old habits and the vicious cycle of the on-again, off-again diet continues.

    Part of ReDefining yourself is changing your lifestyle. Why go on a fad diet, only to “fall off” and be right where you started, when you can change your habits, your lifestyle, and live a healthy, balanced life? That’s exactly what I aim to do when I create each plan – create a redefined way of eating to get you to your goals.

    Nutrition is a HUGE factor when it comes to losing fat/weight and/or gaining lean muscle mass. No matter what your goals are, you cannot out-train a bad diet.

I offer customized meal plans designed to help you reach your goals.

    I truly do not believe in a “one-size-fits” all approach to diet, so I do not believe one particular style of eating is appropriate for everyone.Once you decide to commit to a lifestyle change, I will send you a series of questionnaires to help me assess where you are at currently and what your goals are. Based on your responses, I design a meal plan around YOUR schedule, YOUR goals and YOUR life.

    You will be required to check in with me on a weekly basis with photos, measurements, and/or weight so that I can assess progress and make necessary adjustments to your plan.


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How much does it cost?

The first month is $200.00. That includes plan creation, your personalized meal plan, 4 check-ins (weekly), and email access to me for personalized questions, concerns, and feedback.

If you decide to continue with the accountability, weekly check-ins and email dialogue, then it’s only $100.00 a month.