Cellulite: All About Those Butt Dimples

Cellulite: All About Those Butt Dimples

Cellulite: All About Those Butt Dimples

Cellulite: All About Those Butt Dimples

What is it?

Those annoying and oh so flattering dimples that as women, we most likely have experience with. Chances are you find your skin puckers in this way most commonly around the thighs and buttocks. And you’ve probably also heard that cellulite is genetic and you cannot get rid of it, right? Well yes, and no. The amount of cellulite you have is determined by genetics, yes, your body type, and your body percentage. There are ways to minimize the appearance of cellulite in all cases, but the truth is, cellulite is NORMAL and most of us have it. Yes, even the skinny chicks and the fitness beauties.

What causes it?

The presence of cellulite is actually caused by an increase in body fat. Underneath your skin, you have fat, muscle, and connective tissue. Fat is flexible and moldable; so in other words, it’s squishy. But your connective tissue is not. So when you increase your body fat percentage, you increase the tension on these tissues, causing the fat to pucker and squeeze through these tissues. Think of it like you’re squeezing a stress ball. Your hand is the connective tissues, and the soft, malleable material of the stress ball is squeezing through your fingers. That’s the fat dimpling through the connective tissue and becoming more visible on the skin’s surface.

Cellulite: All About Those Butt Dimples

What Can I Do About It?

If the dimpling is caused by stress placed on the connective tissue, then it would stand to reason that we need to reduce the stress on these tissues to minimize the appearance of cellulite. How do we do this? We need to reduce body fat. And how do we get rid of body fat? Through proper nutrition and resistance training to build lean muscle and replace fat mass.

But we’ve all struggled with fat loss at one time or another, so we all know it’s not an easy task. Our bodies’ are reluctant to give up their precious fat stores. So unwillingly in fact that they place locks on our stored body fat called receptors. These receptors can only be unlocked when we elicit our fight or flight response. That innate response that dates back to the caveman era that tells our body that danger is around. We need energy to power our body, so the receptors unlock and allow us to use their precious fat stores for usable energy.

So how do we enlist the help of this response? Ding ding ding! HIIT Training. The best way to burn that fat is to perform interval training and max energy levels, followed by a brief rest and recovery period.  Try mixing up your workouts to include HIIT training and resistance training and pair that with a killer nutrition plan for best results.

Other Factors:


We touched on this above, but fat loss is heavily dependent on your diet. Cut down or eliminate refined sugars, salts, processed crap and other nutrient deficient foods. Instead, look for lean meats, complex carbs, green veggies, and fibrous foods.


Your body needs water! Drinking at least a gallon a day will help keep your body hydrated and skin looking soft and supple. What happens when we get dehydrated? Our skin looks thin and work and well, old! Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and helps with proper digestion.


Nowadays we do so much sitting! A lot careers are centered around a desk which leads to a very sedentary lifestyle. Sitting all day long causes immobilization of fat and can even affect digestion. So stand up and type or take walks to break up your day. Be sure to stretch and foam roll as well to increase mobility and flexibility.


Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! From birth we are taught that to lsoe weight you need to eat less and move more, right? Well yes, sort of. But if you are eating a caloric deficit AND logging hours and hours at the gym, that same fight or flight response is activated, but this time your body is under duress. With not enough food to fuel your hours in the gym, your body will actually hold on to stored fat and instead burn muscle, which leads to increased body fat as well. This is where you see the “skinny fat” phenomenon played out as women will log hours on the elliptical, eat a leaf of lettuce for dinner and STILL have cellulite.


While genetics do play a roll in the amount of cellulite you hold, there are ways to minimize it. It really comes down to time and consistency with nutrition and a sounds training plan. Focus on resistance training paired with HIIT cardio for sustainable and maintainable results.

And you will most likely still have a few dimples on the derriere, but don’t let them be the reason you don’t feel amazing about yourself! The reality is, we ALL have some cosmetic and aesthetic flaws or asymmetry. Hell, I don’t know anyone walking around with that air brushed look! So stop focusing on the thousands of photo shopped social media photos! OF COURSE no one wants to show their cellulite in photos!

Hold that head up high and allow yourself to be uniquely you – cellulite and all!

You got this girl 🙂