Vegas Bachelorette Weekend Take Aways

Vegas Bachelorette 2017

Vegas Bachelorette Weekend Take Aways

This past weekend I traveled to Las Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party. I don’t thing I have been to Vegas in over three years, and the last time I had gone, I hadn’t yet committed to my healthy lifestyle. I knew this weekend was going to be a challenge for me.

When I say “challenge”, I don’t mean in the sense that I thought I was going “fall off” or overindulge either. I have gone on numerous trips and vacations since changing my lifestyle and I am confident in my ability to make smart choices even when they aren’t the most popular to those I am with.

This weekend was going to be a challenge for me because my first priority was to make sure my sister had the time of her life and got to do what SHE wanted to do. My sister doesn’t really follow the same lifestyle as I do, but she supports me 100% in mine, as I do in hers, but I also knew that I didn’t want to miss anything because I “had” to get in a workout. I am not on prep, so there was no reason to have to carry Tupperware with me and get in my assigned workout and cardio while away. My focus this weekend was to be present for my sister – put the phone down, close the laptop, go with the flow and focus on balance. So I went into this weekend with no expectations.

My girlfriend and I had planned to fly standby out to Vegas before my sister so that we could get into the condo and decorate for her and her friends when the drove out after work. However, flights on Thursday looked horrible and we decided rather than risking it, we would hop in the car and drive to Vegas first thing Friday morning. I set my alarm for 4 am and got in a quick 30 minute HIIT workout that left me dripping. Figured I needed to do something to my heart rate up and whole body moving before spending 5 hours in the car!

I raced home, showed, made a quick egg white, spinach, turkey bacon omelet and stuffed it into a Rudi’s Plain Tortilla. I packed some grilled chicken, almonds, overnight oats, sweet potato chips, and protein bars in to my FitMark bags for on the road fuel. In my suitcase I brought dry oats, protein powder, Power Crunch Bars, Rx Bars, Almonds, and FlatOut wraps. This was to be my personal “stash” as we were going to hit a grocery store on our way into town.

We stopped at a Walmart and got eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, cheese, spinach, fresh fruit, yogurt, bread, tortillas, veggies, pita and hummus, salsa and chips, sliced cheese and meat with crackers, and some trail mix for the room. We also grabbed two cases of water and some lemons for hydration.

I had made dinner reservations out both nights in Las Vegas and had pre scanned both menus. But I figured having a balanced breakfast in the room each morning was a great way to start the day and ensure the girls all had food in their systems before heading out to the strip. It actually worked out really nice too since we could all get ready and enjoy breakfast. Plus, we saved money!

Friday night, we had dinner reservations at La Cave in the Wynn, which was a Mexican small plate restaurant. I ordered a green salad with goat cheese and sliced apples. I asked to add shrimp and got the almond vinaigrette on the side which I dipped my fork into. I also made sure to drink a glass of water before dinner and ordered a red wine with my dinner. For dessert, we ordered a smores flatbread for the table and it was AMAZING. I had a slice of that and another glass of water. I felt satisfied but not stuffed and was ready to take on the night!

Over the course of 5 hours, I enjoyed two vodka sodas with lemon and a Vegas Bomb (Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps and Redbull) that a group of guys at a bachelor party ordered for us.

I listened to my body and when I felt I needed water, I made sure to get some. I felt good, energized, and danced for 4 of those 5 hours – in heels!

I didn’t go home early or miss out on my sister’s big night. I had an absolute blast and was able to create balance. In the morning, the girls we recapping their night and I excused myself to get in a quick workout downstairs. When I came back, the girls were cooking breakfast and we all started our day together. I was very grateful that none of them seemed to mind me starting my day this way and I didn’t feel I “had” to work out; I wanted to. It’s something that’s so hard to explain to people sometimes – working out to me is like brushing your teeth every day- you just do it. It’s routine and you make sure to do it.

Old me would have skipped dinner, binge drank, and blacked out. I would have passed out and slept hard until 11 am, where I would get up, feel like crap, and hate how I looked and how I felt. I might drink water, order a Bloody Mary and do it all over again so that I didn’t have to feel gross about myself. I used alcohol as a way to mask the reflection in the mirror, the fact that I was starving my body, and as a way to not have to face the underlying problem.

I went to Las Vegas 8 times one year! Vegas used to be an escape from real life for me, but this trip I didn’t need an escape. I have worked so hard and continue to work hard towards the best version of me. I know how to properly fuel my body. I know how to read cues from body. I know my limits and I know what makes me happy. Losing control and waking up feeling like death doesn’t make me happy. In fact, it pisses me off! I hate feeling like crap because I KNOW what it takes to not feel that way.  I have learned that others won’t always understand your lifestyle and it will undoubtedly not be the most popular, but that’s ok, it’s not their journey to understand. For YEARS, I was unhappy and I let others opinions of how I should live my life influence me to my breaking point.

On the flip side, I have had times where I am so strict in my diet and fitness that I miss out on these types of events and I realized that was just as bad as the binge drinking and restrictive eating. Both scenarios create an imbalance and sometimes we don’t realize it’s happening. I believe that the only true way to be successful in your fitness and nutrition journey, is to maintain that balance. Your body and mind will be so much healthier and you will actually see more progression when all things align.

I may not have it all figured out, but looking back on this weekend, I think it was one of the best Vegas trips I have made!